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Updo in a scarf: a style for curly hair  

Are you looking for inspiration to style curly hair? Find out how to style your hair with colourful fabric 

How to make an updo with a scarf 

Would you like a magic wand to style your curls in an explosive and playful way? The secret ingredient for this updo is your favourite scarf! Find out how to create this simple style: all you need are a few products to bring out your curls and a bandana for your hair.

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To create this style for curly hair, the first thing you need to do is mix a dollop of This is a Curl Moisturizing Mousse with one of This is a Curl Building Serum.

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Apply the mixture of products evenly to dry hair, to achieve springy and defined curls.

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With a wide elastic, make a high ponytail at the top of your head.

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How do you put the scarf in your hair? With your head down, place the scarf at the back of your neck and, bring it to the front to tie it in a knot, leaving a part of the ponytail out on the forehead like a fringe.

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Pull the ends of the scarf to the back again and tie it firmly at the back of your neck.

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With your hands and bobby pins, create a round shape with the gathered hair as you prefer and set with This is a Medium Hair Spray.

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And voilà, to make your hair shiny, use the This is a Shimmering Mist as the final touch! This look was created thanks to the tips offered by Tommaso Incamicia, hairstylist at the cult salon My Place Hair Studio in Milan, and member of the Davines family.

Recreate the look with these products!

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