More Inside

Everything for your styling

More Inside is a range of versatile, essential styling products for every kind of look.

Designed to either be used on their own or layered together, they are all formulated to enhance styling and finishing performance. No matter which products you use, the result is defined, bouncy hair, with minimum product residue.

More Inside

Get the look with More Inside

Whether you're a professional hairstylist or just want to get runway-worthy looks at home, our More Inside line of styling products gives you all of the necessary tools to achieve your hair goals.

From short, spiky hair to the longest locks, there's a styling product in the More Inside range that can work for you. Styling gels and moulding clays create strong definition, hairsprays offer a variety of hold, and finishers like This Is A Shimmering Mist give you the perfect final touch.

Here are a few of our favorite More Inside "cocktails."

-For extreme volume, first apply This Is A Volume Boosting Mousse on damp hair. After drying, spray This Is A Dry Texturizer on roots and lengths, lifting hair to ensure an even application.

-For finger waves without a “gel effect“ mix This Is A Volume Boosting Mousse with This Is A Medium Hold Modeling Gel.

-Sprinkle This Is A Texturizing Dust onto a flat brush for extra lift.

-The secret to creating a tousled look that lasts? Mix This Is An Invisible Serum and This Is A Finishing Gum in your palms and run through damp or dry hair.

-For molding and separation, apply a small amount of This Is An Invisible Serum before distributing This Is A Forming Pomade.

-If you are looking for more control of your texture, layer This Is A Volume Boosting Mousse with This Is An Oil Non Oil.

A look inside

The heart of More Inside are the formulas, created at the Davines laboratories.

Moisture & bounce

This is a common element to More Inside products: a synergy of different moisturizing ingredients that facilitate the deposit of water molecules on the hair shaft. The gradual release of these ingredients enhances product performance and keeps hair healthy and moisturized longer.

A combination of raw materials, including a three-dimensional resin which, thanks to its particular molecular configuration, gives hair a defined, bouncy structure.

Texture & anti-flaking

The formulas have been created to give hair body, texture and well-defined shape without the addition of resins.

Every styler has been calibrated to minimize the content of resins in order to reduce “flaking“ without losing the effectiveness of the product.