Pasta & Love

The must-have for your routine: pre-shave oil, foaming or non foaming shaving gel, after shave and hair styling products

Here is the first Davines line that is dedicated to shaving and hair styling: for the man who likes living the good life and looking after himself, carving out high-quality time in the madness of everyday life. A man who celebrates the beauty of life in every corner of the world.

Pasta & Love is an ironic nod to two of the symbols that the world considers as being synonymous with being Italian: good food and love. The line guarantees the perfect shave and styling, thanks to excellent products that make the best of attention to detail.

The perfect shave, in three steps

1. PREP: pre-shave shaving and beard oil
2. CUT: choose your favourite, foaming or non foaming, beard gel, depending on your needs
3. MOISTURISING: after shave and moisturising cream


Before shaving, have a warm shower or apply a damp towel on your face, to open the pores and soften the skin. Avoid friction that can cause irritation.

Use warm or lukewarm water when shaving. Use the razor in elliptical movements.

Once you’re done shaving, pat the face dry and conclude your routine by applying the after shave with a light massage to help it sink in better.

Pasta & Love

We regenerate the planet resources

By using the Pasta & Love line, you support a model of sustainable beauty

We opt for recycled materials

The Pasta & Love bottles are partially made from recycled glass: 34% deriving from post consumption and 24% deriving from industrial waste. In this way, we lower our environmental impact.

We offset the products’ lifecycle

The CO2 emissions generated throughout the lifecycle of the Pasta&Love products, excluding the use phase, are fully offset thanks to the Davines EthioTrees project that supports the reforestation of natural reserves in the north of Ethiopia, at risk for desertification.



The extract is made from the fruit of the Alchechengi, a plant native to Brazil.The extraction takes place through the green technology method, which allows you to have an even purer concentrate and a reduced environmental impact compared to traditional methods.


The top notes are a fresh nod to scents of the Mediterranean: lemon, bergamot and orange blossom. Notes of iris and patchouli follow, making the scent lively and soft at the same time.