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Should I go blonde if I have grey hair?

People with grey hair often ask our stylists whether they should try going blonde - that’s why Tom Connell, Davines Hair Art Director, decided to create a look to answer exactly that question.

Going silver, grey or white is a completely natural part of life. Some people embrace it fully, others want to make the transition more slowly with a blended approach. Whatever the case, we believe in choosing a look that works for your personality and lifestyle. If you’re looking to refresh your grey without making a drastic statement, ash-blonde is a great place to start.

  • Ash blonde: the best hue to blend grey hair
  • Grey hair: don’t disguise it, celebrate it!
  • Rich conditioner for blonde-grey hair
  • How to make blonde last longer on grey hair
  • Best products for grey hair gone blonde
  • Considering a move from grey to blonde? Ask your stylist

Ash blonde: the best hue to blend grey hair

When it comes to choosing the right blonde for grey or silver hair, ash is a clever choice, blending seamlessly into grey hair, softening the contrast and making it a really natural way to turn back the hand of time. Ash blonde also avoids the regrowth effect that can come with the choice of a darker colour, making it a low maintenance option that will leave you feeling confident for longer.

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Grey hair: don’t disguise it, celebrate it!

If there’s one thing that’s changed a lot in recent years, it’s the way we view aging. We can embrace grey hair, celebrate it and even build on it, using non-committing blonde colours to add warmth or embrace the coolness of your natural colour.

Ash blonde is a great choice for silver hair, allowing you to add delicate creamy blonde tones to create a colour that evolves over weeks and months. The great thing about it is that you can choose to go for a strong look or a subtle one, depending on your personality.
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Rich conditioner for blonde-grey hair

As hair becomes grey it can often become dryer too. That’s why it’s essential to use a really nourishing moisturiser to reinforce the hair fibre and add vitality. The Rich Conditioner from our dedicated blonde Heart of Glass line provides intense nourishment, while fortifying the hair fibre, thanks to the exclusive Biacidic bond complex.

How to make blonde last longer on grey hair

If you’re transitioning from grey hair to an ash or other blonde look, you’ll want to use the correct hair products to ensure the new blonde-grey look has luminosity and vitality. The Blonde Longevity salon care treatment from Davines is the perfect choice for prelightened and natural grey hair that needs a boost of energy and nourishment. Importantly, it promotes a colour tone control action, keeping your colour true and giving you shiny, healthy looking hair. For more advice on how to get your perfect ash blonde look and make it last, speak to your nearest Davines stylist today.

Best products for grey hair gone blonde

If you choose to enhance your new silver or grey highlights by adding blonde tones, remember to use the Heart of Glass products that are designed especially for natural and cosmetically created blonde looks. They feature special ingredients like:
  • Baobab extract, a natural alternative to silicone
  • Biacidic bond complex to strengthen and repair the hair fiber
  • Illuminating amino complex to promote extra shine and hydration
  • Jagua blue extract, our natural alternative to synthetic pigments, which illuminates blondes and offers a gentle colour tone control action for both warm and cool shades
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NEW! Instant Bonding Glow

Our latest addition to the Heart of Glass line, Instant Bonding Glow is a reinforcing, fast acting, extra shine serum with an alcohol free formulation, ideal for prolonging the blonde colour luminosity and intensity. One of its key active ingredients, the Biacidic bond complex, has a double action effect on brittle or damaged hair, repairing broken bonds while protecting and strengthening them to prevent further damage.

Instant Bonding Glow also contains the new active ingredient, Illuminating amino concentrate, a naturally derived and biodegradable ingredient composed of 7 amino acids, which gives the product a lightweight serum texture while still providing an intense shine and moisture boost.

Gently cleanse and clarify both natural and cosmetically treated blonde hair with our dedicated shampoo, which uses Jagua blue extract to balance unwanted tones and gives you the look you’re after.

For an added boost of nourishment, try the Heart of Glass Intense Treatment, enriched with Biacidic complex and Baobab extract, which is designed to prevent the damage caused to hair by heat, UV and daily life, creating healthy, disciplined hair.

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Sheer Glaze

Heart of Glass Sheer Glaze provides hydration and shine while protecting against heat and UV damage. 

The active ingredient that protects against thermal stress is our Fortifying botanical shield, derived from the Scandinavian spruce.

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Considering a move from grey to blonde? Ask your stylist

At Davines we celebrate beauty in all its diversity. If you love your grey locks then care for them well and celebrate this new stage of your life story. If you want to play with ash blonde tones to see how they can best express your personality, talk to a Davines stylist for professional advice on making blonde work for your grey hair.

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