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Styling for men: soft or strong hold?


The Pasta & Love line for men is enriched with two new styling products: a mouldable paste and an extra-strong clay. Here’s our guide to shaping and working the hair! 

Things as simple as styling are important: they create small rites in front of the mirror, to kickstart the day, like a good strong coffee on waking up. To help you get up on the right side of the bed (and with the right style), here are two new Pasta & Love products that will help you obtain your desired result: a medium-hold mouldable paste and an extra-strong modelling clay.

Which hold best suits your hair? 

The two new Pasta&Love products are the perfect response to your needs, regardless of the result you want to obtain. Read on to discover your best ally: 


A mouldable paste for flexible and versatile styling; it makes for a structured effect with medium hold. Ideal for a natural look. It adds volume to the hair and maintains its natural shine, without ever leaving it stiff or sticky.

Mat styling paste Davines medium hold


  • Apply a small quantity of product on dry hair and then shape as desired
  • Depending on how thick and long your hair is and on your desired effect, we suggest applying 1 to 2 g of product.


A matte moulding clay, that adds volume and definition to your hair with body, thickness and structure, with extra-strong hold. It’s particularly suited to short hair and makes it possible to create a casual, bed head look, without leaving the hair sticky.

Hair styling clay for men Davines


  • Pick up a bean-sized quantity of wax and warm it between your hands, rubbing your palms together.
  • Apply it to dry hair and shape it as desired. If you think you need more wax, gradually apply additional quantities.

Plant-based oils and waxes for your hair 

Hair styling for men Davines

The Pasta & Love formulas were developed keeping in mind the perfect balance between natural ingredients and technology.

Castor oil is the star of the show, alongside carnauba wax: they leave the hair shiny and conditioned, also helping protecting its structure.

We offset the lifecycle emissions

Hair Styling Clay for men Davines Pasta Love

The carbon dioxide emissions generated throughout the lifecycle of the Pasta&Love products, excluding the use phase, are offset through EthioTrees, a Davines project that supports the reforestation of natural reserves in the north of Ethiopia, at risk for desertification.

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