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Choose the Perfect Holiday Hair Care Gift Boxes From Davines


Each box is built for a particular hair type and we’ve even developed an advent calendar for those who adore partaking in joyful festivities that lead up to Christmas.

Nothing quite compares to the buzz of holiday cheer that bubbles up when winter arrives. With the season comes the search for meaningful gifts that actually bring a smile to lucky recipients’ faces. To help take the stress off your shopping expeditions, we have created 10 different gift sets that are available to purchase in salons this year, plus a special box available also onlineThe hair-focused gift will make the holidays much more personal and were thoughtfully designed to reflect different cultures around the world.

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Advent Calendar 2022 Gift Set

What better way to revel in the excitement of the holidays than with an advent calendar? This year, Davines is releasing its own that’s dedicated to customers who want a little more holiday cheer (and hair-loving treats). With 12 products ideal for all hair types, it’s the perfect festive addition. Available online and in salon. Here’s a peek at what’s inside:

Gift Sets for All Hair Types

Take a look at the different holiday and Christmas hair gift sets that will be available to our community this season—all of which can be purchased exclusively at your local Davines salon.

Curly Hair Gift Set

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Curls deserve formulas that cater to their structure and specific needs. This gift box does exactly that. Featured are the LOVE/curl Shampoo and matching LOVE/curl Conditioner, which smooth frizz and boost elasticity. To define curls and coils, the More Inside Curl Building Serum is featured, too.

Blonde Hair Gift Set

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Every blonde knows that colour maintenance and gentle care are key. With Biacidic bond complex and natural Jagua Blue extract, our Heart of Glass Shampoo, Conditioner, and Sheer Glaze nourish, brighten, and protect all shades of blonde.


Extra-shine Gift Set

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The set includes the fan-favourite OI Shampoo, Conditioner, and Oil and works well with any hair type. Infused with roucou oil, the formulas soften, add shine, and hydrate. The set comes in two other variations, one with the lavish OI Butter and another that’s travel-size—perfect for jetsetters.

Coloured Hair Set

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When it comes to caring for cosmetically-coloured hair, MINU products should be part of any arsenal. This gift box holds the line’s hydrating and protective shampoo and conditioner as well Davines’ best-selling OI All In One Milk.

Frizzy Hair Gift Set

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Coarse thick hair, or strands that are prone to frizz, will feel spoiled by the LOVE/smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner that come in the Love Smoothing gift set. To top it off, theOI All In One Milk is also included to amplify shine and make for easy detangling.

Nourishing Gift Set

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The NOUNOU Gift Box offers two options: one meant for brittle hair and one for highly-processed hair. Both have the NOUNOU Shampoo and Conditioner. The differentiator is the third product—the former has Liquid Spell and the latter has the OI All In One Milk.

Shaving Gift Set

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For the special men in your life, this box contains products that will improve their everyday routine. All hailing from our Pasta & Love line, the Hair Beard & Body Wash, Softening Shaving Gel, and After Shave & Moisturizing Cream will give his hair and skin plenty of nourishment.

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Inspirational Gift Box Designs: culture will save the world we love

For this year’s holiday season, we pulled inspiration from different geographical areas to celebrate cultural diversity and how beautiful our differences are. Each person’s heritage provides a sense of belonging and our own rich, detailed story of how we fit into the world. We believe in respecting one another and the diverse and unique backgrounds we all come from.

On every box featured in this collection are graphics, paintings, poetry, and literature from around the world. An awareness of the art and literature that comes from various cultures enhances our understanding and treats us to a new way of seeing reality. You can find the credits and references of each one to expand your knowledge. These bits of literature speak to our love of learning, knowing, and dreaming.

Reuse Our Gift Sets

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and our gift boxes are no different. The containers are not only recyclable, but they’re easy to upcycle, too. Once gifts have been opened, the boxes can be reused for a variety of different purposes. Give them a new life as a place to store jewelry, keep makeup, organize travel-size products, or store desk supplies.

Sustainable Gifts Boxes for your Hair and the Planet

  • 100% FSC Recycled Paper
  • 100% Carbon Neutral Packaging, offset with the EthioTrees project
  • 100% Carbon Neutral Manufacturing Plant
  • 100% Renewable Certified Energy Sources
  • 100% Recyclable Box & Plastic Containers

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