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A Blonde Story

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From platinum blonde, to honey blonde: explore all the new looks by Tom Connell and find your perfect colour service

A Blonde Story is a celebration of the beauty and uniqueness of blonde hair, an encounter that explores the beauty of diversity, set in a sun-drenched Italian garden. Why did we create this story? Because we believe everyone is different, far beyond what is visible, in the depths of who we are. And we are unstoppable, constantly evolving, even now. This is your story, too: let your hair tell it.

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Draped Blonde

A soft balayage look enhancing your natural beauty with personalized blonde tones. Perfect for medium to long hair of all textures.

Various depths of blonde are chosen and placed in a way that complements the natural fall of the hair, as well as your individual skin tone and natural darker roots. These drapes of lighter blonde tones can sweep through the hair creating a feeling of authentic change.

Colour technique: Sculptoning. After a few weeks, recharge your blonde with Sculptureglaze.

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Colour techniques that make each blonde unique

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Crescent Blonde

Think of your brightest platinum blonde, then add refined shadow detail to make it your best blonde. Perfect for straight, medium to thick long hair.

A full head bleached blonde with a natural edge that eliminates the risk of brassy, yellow tones. A beautiful creamy base is accented by areas of deeper natural blonde tones at the hairline and roots which are revealed as you play and move your hair.

Colour technique: Shadowing. After a few weeks, recharge your blonde with Shadowglaze.

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In our garden, the details don’t matter. We are equal.

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A Single Tone

Graduated honey blonde gives you a truly natural refined blonde, a look always feels uniquely you. Perfect for medium length, curly and coily, medium to thick hair.


Pure blonde simplicity, a single earthy, honey blonde tone is blended seamlessly through the hair, starting with lighter highlights around the face to enhance the eyes and skin tone, gradually deepening towards the back.

Colour technique: Graduated Blonde. After a few weeks, recharge your blonde with Graduated Glaze.

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In-salon services to refresh your blonde

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Blended Blonde

A seamless ash blonde turns back time on the appearance of white hair, softening the contrast. Perfect for medium length, wavy, medium to thick hair.

Why disguise your grey hair when you can celebrateit?Using non-committing blonde colours adds warmth or embraces the coolness of your natural colour. This look is all about the play between your natural hair and additional delicate creamy blonde tones, creating a colour that evolves over the weeks and months.

Colour technique: Sculptoning. After a few weeks, recharge your blonde with Sculptureglaze.

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Top Davines products to care for blonde, lightened or bleached hair

After achieving the blonde of your dreams with an in salon colour service, we encourage you to protect your hair with the right home-care products. Meet Heart of Glass - our dedicated line for all blondes - and explore all our hero products.

NEW! Reinforcing extra-shine serum for blondes

Enriched with Illuminating amino concentrate, the new  Heart of Glass Instant Bonding Glow is a quick treatment with a serum texture, that instantly reinforces the hair while promoting extra-shine and prolonging the blonde colour shine and intensity. It’s so easy to apply and is immediately effective, with no processing time. What’s more, if your hair is natural blonde or if you've only had a mild bleaching, Instant Bonding Glow can replace the use of the conditioner, helping you to save time in your hair routine. 

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Instant Bonding Glow

  • Extraordinary shine
  • Anti-breakage effect
  • No processing time 

Blue shampoo and conditioner to balance unwanted cool or warm tones

Both Heart of Glass Silkening Shampoo and Rich Conditioner include a specific blue extract obtained from the Jagua fruit, which acts as a natural pigment that can balance unwanted reflects and brighten warm and cool blonde hair. Heart of Glass Silkening Shampoo and Rich Conditioner can be used at every wash, without the risk of colour deposit.

Mask, treatment and heat protector for bleached or lightened hair

Blonde, lightened or bleached hair can be particularly fragile. Your Davines hairdresser will alway follow an in-salon service with a care treatment to restore the nourishment of the hair fiber. But the same attention must also be maintained at home:remember to do a nourishing mask like Intense Treatment from Heart of Glass at least once every week. Also, when blow-drying, don't forget to spray a leave-in heat protector like Heart of Glass's Sheer Glaze.

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Sheer Glaze

Learn more on how to care for your blonde hair

Intense Treatment

Natural blonde hair is usually more sensitive to environmental factors such as UV rays. Bleached or lightened hair is also often subjected to chemical treatments that can weaken the hair fibre, especially if these treatments come along with mechanical or thermal stress. For this reason, it is important to know how to take care of blonde hair and to use the most high-quality products. Find out more on our blog.

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Collection credits

Tom Connell - Davines Hair Art Director
Ashleigh HodgesDavines Colour Ambassador

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