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Capsule n.3

A luxurious vanilla blonde for layered hair

Discover our new low-maintenance lightening service Graduated Blonde

As popular as blonde hair is, it’s no secret that maintenance is anything but easy. But with our new Graduated Blonde colour service, you can obtain the low-commitment and low-maintenance blonde you are looking for! The Capsule n.3  vanilla blonde colour is layered on a hazel base, perfect for those who want versatility, to have the option to be blonder or darker at a moment’s notice simply changing the hair-parting's position.

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Vanilla blonde lightening

If you have a desire to lighten your hair but are afraid that full blonde or bleaching will lead to excessive maintenance, then our new Graduated Blonde in-salon colour service may be for you.

It is a lightening of some strands around the face, positioning and colour tone to be decided together with your Davines hairdresser, to enhance the facial features and make the complexion shine.

In the pictures, Luna is wearing a vanilla blonde, on a natural darker hazel base. This dual-colour is perfect on any cut with some layering around the face, it shouldn’t be too short but long enough to help with movement. 

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Graduated Blonde, our new professional colour service 

It's a minimally invasive lightening service, which allows for less difficult maintenance. The highlights are just a few around the face and by changing the position of the hair parting you can change the colour that surrounds your features: lighter or darker, depending on your feeling of the day, the makeup you want to wear, or simply to give a daily twist to your look.

Top 9 Davines products for blonde or bleached hair

After doing a Graduated Blonde service in salon, we encourage you to protect your hair with the right home-care products. Explore all our blonde care products!

Blue shampoo and conditioner to enhance your blonde

Both Heart of Glass Silkening Shampoo and Rich Conditioner have a very peculiar colour: indigo blue. In order to get that colour, we used the natural extract of Jagua, a fruit which is sustainably grown in Columbia to preserve the biodiversity. The blue from the Jagua extract guarantees a delicate chromatic balancing of the shades and is perfect for all types of blondes. Remember that blonde, lightened or bleached hair can be particularly fragile, so when blow-drying, don't forget to spray a leave-in heat protector like Heart of Glass's Sheer Glaze.

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Sheer Glaze

Extra-nourishment for bleached or lightened hair

Hair subjected to colouring processes is more fragile. For this reason, your hairdresser always follows an in-salon service with a care treatment to restore the nourishment of the hair fibre. But the same attention must also be maintained at home: remember to do a nourishing mask at least once every two weeks, or even more frequently as needed.

Extend the shine of your blonde

Craving to keep the brightness of your colour, exactly as it looks when you leave your trusted Davines salon? We've got you covered: try our new OI Liquid Luster rinse-off treatment for instantly shinier hair. If you prefer a leave-in product, we recommend you try OI Oil or OI All-in-one Milk, depending on whether you prefer a more oily or creamy texture.

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OI Oil
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Collection credits

Tom Connell - Davines Hair Art Director
Ashleigh HodgesDavines Colour Ambassador

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