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Beauty grows unseen, from the tiniest of elements to the biggest. It grows in Nature and in our nature, too. Grow Beautiful is our call and an invitation to balance environmental regeneration with our own personal growth, to help regenerate the Earth with the choices we make and be regenerated and flourish in return.

With regenerative organic white yarrow extract
Hydrating on hair and softening on skin
Made in Italy
Vegan friendly

The principles

of Regenerative Organic Agriculture

Minimum soil disturbance
Biodiversity safeguard
Rotation and cover crops
No chemicals

Founded in 2021, the first European Regenerative Organic Center (EROC) – a partnership between Davines Group and Rodale Institute – is a research and training hub on 17 hectares that carries out cutting-edge work to quantify the benefits of regenerative organic agriculture while enriching the beauty industry’s supply chain of activist® ingredients. In 2023, for the first time, we cultivated a regenerative organic ingredient here destined for a new product, tracing it’s path from soil to science to you.

This field, this regenerative movement, comes down to the harmony of soil, science and the farmers we ask to embrace tried-and-true old ways, modernized today.

We Sustain Beauty

Our socio-environmental campaign

In 2021, we launched the first edition of We Sustain Beauty, a global socio-environmental campaign to take climate action through regenerative organic agriculture.


Hair and body wash with Activist® ingredients grown according to the ROA principles.


Lifestyle tote bag, made of regenerative organic certified cotton.


Hair and body soap bar, with Achillea Millefolium Extract grown according to the ROA principles.

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