Change comes

with movements

We can grow beyond ourselves with the beauty we create, with every purposeful step we take. For Earth Month we collaborated with dancer and choreographer Fanny Sage to interpret Grow Beautiful, our mantra for balancing environmental regeneration with personal growth, and for showing that even the smallest of actions can have positive impacts everywhere.

Renegerative Organic Certified® cotton
Naturally rain-fed cotton
Ethically cultivated & crafted in India
Carbon Neutral from the field to our warehouse*

*The CO2 emissions generated by raw materials, production, packaging, transport are neutralized through the reforestation project Degraded Land Reforestation in India.

The principles

of Regenerative Organic Agriculture

Minimum soil disturbance
Biodiversity safeguard
Rotation and cover crops
No chemicals

In 2021, we announced a pioneering initiative in collaboration with Rodale Institute: the foundation of EROC, in the backyard of the Davines Group Village in Parma. Its 16-hectares are dedicated to research around regenerative organic agriculture, with a focus on soil biodiversity and carbon sequestration, as well as farming education and consumer communications. This project is feeding our commitment to grow the regenerative organic movement while having a direct impact on our own supply chain.

We Sustain Beauty

Our socio-environmental campaign

In 2021, we launched the first edition of We Sustain Beauty, a global socio-environmental campaign to take climate action through regenerative organic agriculture.


Hair and body wash with Activist® ingredients grown according to the ROA principles.


Lifestyle tote bag, made of regenerative organic certified cotton.


Stay tuned for what’s coming next.

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