Let’s grow the future now

with regenerative organic agriculture

We can give Nature a real chance to mitigate climate change with regenerative organic agriculture, while also protecting biodiversity. Join us on our journey at the frontier of sustainability, building on our heritage of sustainable projects and embracing decisions that can heal our planet. It all starts with the soil.


for regeneration

Hair & body wash with a purpose
Our regeneration manifesto for climate action, integrating beauty & agriculture to heal our planet.

Activist ingredients™

Barbera grape
Green aniseed

Good for your hair & body


Good for the planet

Highly biodegradable
Plastic Neutral Product Certified by Plastic Bank

With your purchase, we are contributing up to 50.000€ to Rodale Institute and Slow Food International to support their work with regenerative organic agriculture and biodiversity.

how we craft our product
activist ingredients™

WE STAND / for regeneration is enriched with special ingredients that are not only active – they’re activists. They pack plenty of benefits for your hair and skin, but they also help us raise awareness about soil, biodiversity, and regenerative organic agriculture.

Barbera grape pomace extract

More than an active ingredient, adding shine, luster, softness to hair and skin, this activist ingredient™ from Mr. Cunial’s vineyard in Parma, Italy, is our first grown from regenerative organic agriculture.

Green aniseed extract

A Slow Food Presdia ingredient grown in Castignano, Italy, where anise has been grown since the 19th century. Rich in sugars and carbohydrates, it naturally moisturizes the hair while supporting small farms and protecting biodiversity.

It all starts with the soil

Our approach to social and environmental sustainability begins at the very beginning: our relationship with the soil.

Regenerative organic agriculture

A holistic method of farming that has the potential to mitigate climate change by sequestering carbon in the soil while safeguarding biodiversity and more. It balances farmworker fairness and prioritizes soil health to heal the Earth.


The variety of living organisms, big and small, that coexist on our planet. When we protect the Earth’s biodiversity, we strengthen our ecosystems and make them more resilient.

our path to regenerative organic agriculture
every decision we’ve made has led us to this


Created Sustainable Beauty as our tagline and brand manifesto

Pursuing a balance of beauty and sustainability that can improve our lives and the world around us.


Began partnership with Slow Food

Working to protect biodiversity by supporting small-scale farms.


B Corp Certification

Joining the growing movement of Certified B Corporations using business as a force for good


Began partnership with Rodale Institute

Healing our planet’s soil with the pioneer of the regenerative organic agriculture movement.

Sustainability blog & reports

Dive deeper into our sustainability efforts

Why does being a B Corp set us apart?

We take pride in our higher environmental and social sustainability standards.

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Our 12 green resolutions for 2022

Discover our intentions to live in a more sustainable and supportive way.

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Sustainability Report 2020 / 2021

Improved sustainability
is only achievable through transparency.

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Davines Group-Rodale Institute European Regenerative Organic Center

Founded in 1947, Rodale Institute has been trailblazing the regenerative organic movement, even coining the term. Together, we created a new research center at Davines Group Village in Parma, Italy.

This 10-hectare site is dedicated to sustainability research focused on carbon sequestration and biodiversity, farmer training and rebuilding our supply chain with activist ingredients™.

Take action: add your voice

As global citizens concerned about climate change, we believe in showing our support for the mission-aligned work of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).
To do this, we wrote a letter supporting FAO that we passionately encourage you to sign, adding your voice to the We Sustain Beauty community. We’ll share your support with FAO periodically throughout the campaign to show how our international community is a growing extension of their own.

Nature has a real way of nurturing itself, but only with our help.

Everyday actions to make a difference

Engage in conversations with your community
View Kiss the Ground documantary
Take up gardening & composting
Purchase second hand when you can
Read literature on biodiversity & regenerative organic agriculture

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