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Together, we're a force for good


We are honoured to share the figures that truly make us proud, showcasing our commitment to each of our sustainability pillars. Sustainability reporting is both a mirror of our efforts and a compass for the future, guiding us towards making a profound change for the well-being of our planet and the people.

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Sustainability Report, why is it so important?

Every year since 2016, Davines Group releases a Sustainability Report with the aim of sharing details regarding the environmental and social impact of its activities. Even if not mandatory, we choose to produce the Report voluntarily as part of our utmost commitment to accountability and transparency. Continue to read if you want to know more on:

  • Our Sustainability Highlights

  • Plastic Net-Zero Products

  • Positive Impact Stories

  • In Balance / With Nature

Sustainability Highlights



Our commitment to Net Zero

We have signed our commitment to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 at the latest, following the SBTi standards.



We advocate for regenerative organic agriculture 

We establish the first European Regenerative Organic Center (EROC) in Parma, near the Davines Village, to grow and study regenerative ingredients.

In partnership with:

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64,1% recycled, 

bio-based & mass balance plastic packaging

Since 2014, every year we reduce the proportion of our packaging made of fossil-based virgin plastic.


B Corp Advocacy

70 members in the B Corp Beauty Coalition

Up to May 2023. Exciting to see our coalition grow and transform beauty industry standards.

In 2023, All Davines Group Products Are Plastic Net-Zero

In collaboration with Plastic Bank, for every product with plastic packaging we sold in 2022 an equal amount of plastic dispersed into the environment was removed from the coastal areas in Indonesia, the Philippines, and Brazil. The partnership has also been confirmed for 2023.

If every company in the world 

collected “their” plastic, 

there would be no more plastic 

dispersed into the environment.

Plastic Bank

In partnership with:

Positive Impact Stories

We Sustain Beauty

We Sustain Beauty

We are committed to taking climate action by deeply integrating beauty and regenerative organic agriculture to heal our planet’s soil.

We Are Circular

We Are Circular

The story of a shampoo bottle begins long before it arrives in your shower! At Davines, we study the most low-impact packaging solutions for all our products.

B Beauty Coalition

B Beauty Coalition

Beauty B Corps formed a coalition to improve social and environmental standards of the beauty industry, connecting beauty with responsibility.

In balance / With Nature

We all leave our imprint on the Earth, one way or another. How we choose to do so  makes all the difference. We decided to step lightly.