Where nature and technology meet

Naturaltech is a complete program that targets hair and scalp problems while bridging sustainable beauty practices with cutting edge technology.

Whether you're dealing with an excessively oily scalp or hormonal hair loss, the families of Naturaltech have been formulated to prevent and resolve the most common skin and hair conditions.


Healthy hair starts from the roots

Specifically formulated to prevent and resolve the most common scalp and hair conditions, Naturaltech helps you regain balance and restore the hair and scalp healthy, natural state.

Naturaltech was created to be used in combination with treatments carried out with a massage ritual, something you can get at your local Davines salon. Working in balance with the products, a massage reactivates the blood stream and preps your skin to fully absorb the benefits of the treatment.


Treat current conditions, or prepare and protect


Hair and scalp concerns such as dandruff or hair loss need to be treated directly — using Naturaltechgives you a kind of "prescription" haircare designed to address these issues and help prevent their return.


Lines such as Renewing (anti-aging) and Well-Being (for all hair types) are designed to help you maintain long-term hair health.

The principles and formulas of Naturaltech


Advanced technologies allow us to formulate high-performing products that give you the results you need.


Innovative formulas

Naturaltech formulas contain phytoceuticals, active biological compounds only found in plants, each with their own exceptional anti-inflammatory properties.

Complex and Superactive

Superactives are concentrates that are extremely effective in treating specific conditions. Together with Complexes (seen in the Energizing and Renewing families), you get the power of targeted treatment and preventative action against different conditions of the hair and scalp. 


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