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How to get shadow roots

The best low-maintenance blonde looks for 2023: from soft balayage to graduated honey blonde. Discover the coolest colour options for blondes, as recommended by the experts

At Davines, our salon clients often ask about how to make their blonde look last longer, giving them the colour they want without having to worry too much about regrowth. That’s why Tom Connell, Davines Hair Art Director, decided to develop two fresh new shadow root looks that offer a chance to go blonde in a low maintenance way.

  • What is shadow root blonde?
  • Soft balayage with shadow roots
  • NEW! Instant Bonding Glow
  • Graduated honey blonde with dark roots
  • UV protection for shadow blonde hair
  • Create your perfect at-home blonde hair routine
  • Ask your Davines stylist about shadow roots

What is a shadow root blonde?

Shadow root blonde is exactly what it sounds like - a blonde look with darker, more ‘shadowy’ roots. Unlike normal regrowth roots, however, these are deliberately created so that they appear natural and follow the growth of your hair. This means you can feel confident for longer, and don’t need to touch up your look nearly as frequently. The subtle effect also makes going back to your natural colour that much easier, which is perfect if you’re experimenting or if you like to change your look regularly.

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Soft balayage with shadow roots

The look

This soft balayage look evolves with the natural fall of the hair, complementing individual skin tones and darker roots. It’s ideal for fine to medium textures and medium to long lengths.
In salon care treatment

Extend the shine of your new soft balayage shadow root look with our Instant Reinforcing Glow salon care treatment. Using our dedicated Heart of Glass blonde hair line, this treatment will boost strength and softness too, while extending the duration and intensity of your colour.
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New! Instant Bonding Glow

Continue nourishing your hair at home with our newest Heart of Glass product, Instant Bonding Glow, a fast acting extra shine serum designed to reinforce blonde hair, provide extra luminosity and add an effective colour protection. With its light texture and alcohol free formulation, it’s ideal for those frequently undergoing highlights, bleaching and toning colour services, protecting the hair and prolonging the blonde colour shine and intensity.
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Graduated honey blonde with dark roots

The look

Blending seamlessly through the hair, this graduated honey blonde look is lighter around the face to highlight the eyes and skin tones, gradually deepening towards the back. Placement can be bright and bold or subtle and discrete, reflecting your personality and your hair’s natural tendencies. Perfect for medium length curly or coily hair with medium to thick texture.
In salon care treatment

Extend the vitality of your blonde with our Fortifying and Elasticizing Blonde salon care treatment, which is designed to give blonde curls an extra boost of strength, hydration and elasticity. It’s ideal for repairing and reinforcing the hair, while offering thermal and UV protection. 
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UV protection for shadow blonde hair

For a low maintenance hair colour and added elasticity that gives hair more vitality and makes it easier to style, use our hero product, Heart of Glass Sheer Glaze, an illuminating fluid that provides hydration and shine while protecting against heat and UV damage. 

Want a bolder blonde look?

If subtle isn’t your thing, you might want to consider a bolder blonde look like platinum blonde or strong bleaching. To find out more about how to achieve your perfect look while maintaining the health and vitality of your hair, check out Davines Hair Art Director Tom Connell’s full range of colour options for 2023.

Create your perfect at-home blonde hair routine

The best way to bring your blonde look to life is to take time to use dedicated home care products for blonde hair. We designed the Heart of Glass range especially for the unique needs of natural and cosmetically coloured and treated blonde hair, with active ingredients including:
  • Baobab extract, a natural alternative to silicone
  • Biacidic bond complex to strengthen and repair the hair fiber
  • Illuminating amino complex to promote extra shine and hydration
  • Jagua blue extract, our natural alternative to synthetic pigments, which illuminates blondes and offers a gentle colour tone control action for both warm and cool shades

Gently cleanse and clarify both natural and cosmetically treated blonde hair with our dedicated shampoo, which uses Jagua blue extract to balance unwanted tones and gives you the look you’re after.

Our dedicated conditioner for blondes provides intense hydration to the hair, fortifying hair fibers with two key active ingredients - the Biacidic bond complex conceived to prevent and recover hair damage and the Baobab extract, our botanical alternative to silicones, which restores hair’s elasticity and makes it easier to comb.

For an added boost of nourishment, try the Heart of Glass Intense Treatment, enriched with Biacidic complex and Baobab extract, which is designed to prevent the damage caused to hair by heat, UV and daily life, creating healthy, disciplined hair.

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Ask your Davines stylist about shadow roots

At Davines we celebrate every hair type, colour and look. Whatever you’re hoping to achieve, we can help you find the best option to suit your personality and match your lifestyle. Talk to a Davines salon stylist to find out more and get the professional advice you need to give your hair story a happy ending.

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