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12 good green resolutions for 2022: from Davines, with love

Start the new year on the right foot: discover our good intentions to live in a more sustainable and supportive way. You can follow one a month or one a day, the choice is yours!

Does changing the world seem like an overwhelming idea to you? In our opinion, everyone can achieve this by changing old habits and acquiring new everyday habits. We offer you 12 green and sustainable resolutions: one idea per month, with good social and environmental actions, to be applied throughout 2022 in order to make this year better not only for you but also for the planet. 

Tips from the Davines team:

  • JANUARY - Do you have clothes you no longer wear? Open your heart, donate them
    Choose a charity that recycles used clothing, such as Humana and the Red Cross. Some entities have special collection bins located throughout the region, others use local offices as collection points. If, on the other hand, your clothes are too worn and can no longer be used decently, you can have the textile fibre recycled. 

  • FEBRUARY - Fixing rather than throwing
    Service, replace with spare parts and repair: this way, you will extend the life cycle of appliances, computers and smartphones as well as DIY and gardening tools. If you really need to change, give away what you no longer use to a family member or a friend. 

  • MARCH - Plan and design your vegetables paths or garden
    Think about how to organise your vegetable paths in spring or, if you don’t have any yet, figure out how you would like them to be. Vegetable paths and gardens provide shelter and food to useful insects and animals: a small oasis of biodiversity that is good for your plants and the planet. For example, Davines installed bee hotels in the Scientific Garden of the Davines Village in Parma, our headquarters. A safe and pleasant shelter, it was designed to host bees and other types of pollinating insects, providing them also with the appeal of our beautiful Scientific Garden, which was grown according to the principles of organic and regenerative agriculture. Do you live in an apartment? Create a vegetable path on your terrace. Use pots and boxes or grow vertically.

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  • APRIL - Convince a sceptic to make sustainable changes
    Talk to your less sensitive friends and family and try to change their perspective: discuss topical issues, such as climate change. Suggest daily habits with which people can change the status quo, such as those put forward by the A Word App, selected by the UN to promote a more sustainable lifestyle.

  • MAY - Open the wardrobe and find a treasure
    Wardrobes and old boxes often have hidden jewels: use scissors and a sewing machine to give a touch of liveliness to vintage garments, or ask a good seamstress for help. Sell the clothes and accessories, even branded ones, which you no longer use: try the specific Apps, such as the B Corp  Vestiaire Collective, certified to comply with the highest standards of sustainability.

  • JUNE - Give up single-use plastic
    June 8 is World Oceans Day. If you too want to contribute to ocean protection, take tangible action: get used to using less and less single-use plastic. Use glass, ceramic and other durable and reusable materials in the kitchen and at home; choose fabric shopping bags; buy bulk food, whenever possible. Davines also reaffirmed its commitment to prevent the dispersion of plastic in the environment and sea, and to support the ethical recovery of this material thanks to a partnership with 
    Plastic Bank.
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  • JULY - Packaged water? No, thank you.
    Drink tap water: it is checked regularly, therefore it is safe and its quality is as good as that of bottled water. Doesn’t the idea convince you? There are many water filters on the market, that you can install directly in your sink by following a few simple steps. Take your bottle with you to the office and around: if you don’t have it yet or are looking for an idea for an eco-friendly gift, here is the Urban Bottle, created for us by 24Bottle.

  • AUGUST - Take care of your plants, generate beauty and oxygen
    Give new life to the empty packages of Davines products by reusing them as pots for plants: our Essential Haircare containers of masks and conditioners work perfectly. Furnish your home and office with plants that purify the air (such as Aloe Vera, Sansevieria or Ficus), absorbing carbon dioxide and harmful substances. Furthermore, the plants create a welcoming and chic environment.

  • SEPTEMBER - Pay it forward at the bar 
    The next time you have a coffee, pay for two: leave one paid for, available to a person who cannot afford it. Do you know where this tradition originated from? We will tell you about it in the words of writer Luciano De Crescenzo: “When a Neapolitan is happy for some reason, instead of paying for just their coffee, they pay for two - one for themselves and another for the customer coming after them. It’s like offering a coffee to the rest of the world”. A philosophy of life and a Neapolitan tradition that helps go through life with kindness. Tell your family and friends about this initiative.

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  • OCTOBER - Keep your neighbourhood alive, shop around the corner
    Shop and buy what you need at home from the shops in your area. If you have a business, furnish the spaces with their products (objects, flowers and plants, perfumes, etc.) and display the logos. Suggest they do the same: create a network and foster collaboration. Suggest this idea to your friends too.

  • NOVEMBER - Find inspiration at the flea market
    Flea markets are an infinite resource of unique pieces when furnishing and renovating your home. The same also applies when searching for original and eco-sustainable gift ideas. Do the accessories and furniture you found at the flea market need to be fixed? If you love DIY, this is right up your street! Otherwise, have a local artisan help you, thus supporting your neighbourhood as we advised you earlier.

  • DICEMBRE - Give from your heart and create with your hands 
    Make DIY Christmas gifts to surprise friends and family. For example, you can make scented hand soap, enriched with essential oils and seeds to also make a delicate scrub. If you want to add a solid shampoo as well, try the Essential Haircare Shampoo Bars: each of them contains a natural ingredient from a Slow Food Presidia farm and is made with the same love you would put into it!

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