Sustainable Packaging

1. The packaging is designed considering the goal to abandon the use of virgin materials coming from fossil fuel, and to ensure their recycling at the end of life.

2. While it's necessary to contain, preserve and protect the product, it must also have a minimal impact on the environment.

3. At Davines we aim to use the bare minimum quantity of material necessary to maintain the correct functionality of the packaging.

4. We prioritize the use of only primary packaging to avoid further external packaging, but if necessary, we choose either recycled and recyclable or compostable options.

5. We try to choose mono-material packaging that is easily separable for collection and recycling.

6. Working with our packaging suppliers we require only high quality solutions to reduce waste.

Packaging Research and Development Strategy


Reduce the weight of packaging while maintaining the correct functionality of use.


Simplify the packaging system by eliminating unnecessary items.


Use of recycled materials from renewable resources and from only certified supply chains.


Facilitate recycling by following the principles of circular economy and the correct choice of a monomaterial packaging.


Design considering the reuse of packaging.


Optimization of logistics and transportation.