Where nature and technology meet

Whether you're dealing with an excessively oily scalp or hormonal hair loss, the families of Naturaltech have been formulated to prevent and support in case of
the most common scalp and hair conditions.

Naturaltech is a complete program that targets hair and scalp needs, while bridging sustainable beauty practices with cutting-edge technology.

All Naturaltech products are created through a harmonious combination of three elements: Nature, Man and Technology. The name itself was chosen as an expression of our values: technology, wisely applied to nature, enables us to obtain qualitative formulations with the utmost respect for the Planet.


The principles and formulas of Naturaltech


Bridging sustainable beauty practices with cutting-edge


Organic natural molecules

Naturaltech formulas contain phytoceuticals, powerful
molecules derived from plants (“phyto” in Greek means plant).

The beneficial effects that phytoceuticals have on the body is known since ancient times: they are biologically active compounds that provide defence as well as antioxidants, also recommended in presence of inflammation.

All phytoceuticals used in Naturaltech formulations are certified as organic and come from European cultivations

High-performing active ingredients

Naturaltech features also innovative Complexes, consisting of high-performing active ingredients, targeted for the treatment of specific scalp and hair conditions.

They can combine the beneficial effects of the plant-based extracts with the extraordinary effectiveness of the latest generation raw materials. The complexes are included in the Nourishing, Energizing and Renewing families.

Herbal hair infusions, from soil to salon

The new Naturaltech Tailoring treatments deliver results instantly, with no processing time. And they’re also good for the environment as they are for your hair.

Natural ingredients studied in our Scientific Garden


Each herbal hair infusion is a customized combination of a naturally derived serum base –
addressing your primary hair need – and a botanical booster – for the secondary concern. Our researchers in Parma, Italy, have studied thousands of plants, drawing on the wisdom of nature to replace synthetic chemicals with natural
origin ingredients. That means Naturaltech Tailoring treatments are silicone-free and contain no artificial fragrances. Ask for a personalized consultation from your Davines hairdresser!

New! Botanicals from Regenerative Organic Agriculture


Each Naturaltech Tailoring Booster is enriched with an ingredient from Regenerative Organic Agriculture, an innovative system of farming principles and practices that
protects biodiversity while having the potential to allow the soil to absorb more carbon emissions. All botanicals are grown in Italy and extracted using low-energy methods to protect our planet while enhancing the unique beauty of your hair.

Healthy hair starts at the roots

formulated to prevent and support in presence of the most common scalp and hair conditions, Naturaltech helps you regain balance and restore the hair and scalp healthy, natural state.

Naturaltech was created to be used in combination with treatments carried out with a
massage ritual, something you can get at your local Davines salon. Working in balance with the products, a massage reactivates the microcirculation and preps your scalp to absorb the benefits of the treatment fully.

Treat current conditions, or prepare and protect

Naturaltech products are designed to offer specific treatments in the salon and at home, able to support the improvement of the
main scalp and hair conditions.

Hair and scalp concerns such as dandruff or hair loss need to be treated directly — using Naturaltech gives you a kind of "prescription" haircare designed to support and prevent these issues and help prevent their return.

Lines such as Renewing (anti-aging) and Well-Being (for all hair types) are designed to help you maintain long-term hair health.

Packaging: the bond between design and sustainability

We draw inspiration from the traditional herbalists and pharmacies: each family features a collection of symbolic freehand drawings.

Naturaltech prioritizes recycled or renewable sourced materials


- Bottles and jars are made from recycled plastic (99%) and glass (46%).
- Tubes and labels are made with plant-based plastic from renewable sources (sugarcane).
- The cardboard boxes, when required, are made with FSC recycled paper.

Carbon offset packaging and life cycle, excluded use phase


- Naturaltech is produced and packaged in Italy, at the carbon-neutral Davines Village site, with electric energy from renewable sources.

- The Naturaltech Tailoring Boosters feature ingredients from Regenerative Organic Agriculture, a system of farming practices that has the potential to allow the soil to absorb more carbon.