Tom Connell

Tom Connell is Davines' Hair Art Director, a brand new role created to spread out our hair identity  and that will see Tom's strong involvement in the making of the photographic collections, shows and Davines Education program. His style is made up of unique pieces, that tell their own stories outside the concept of fashion.

Tom is a young and extremely talented stylist. He was born in Manchester, England, where his parents used to run a salon. 

We can say that hairstyling has always flew in his veins, so it's not surprising that the sixteen years old Tom moved to London to develop his identity as a stylist, soaking up the creative influences of that international melting pot. 

More recently Tom has been part of the Trevor Sorbie team, where in 2015 took up the role of Artistic Director.


My approach is to provide the education and processes to help people innovate, not replicate. To leave the person with more than haircut or colour techniques, I want to help people approach their work with fresh eyes, look for inspiration in unusual places and give them the skills to produce truly original work.