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Why You Should Try an Exfoliating Scalp Scrub

If you're wondering whether your scalp is due for exfoliation, the answer is yes.

You have the habit of exfoliating your face, don't you? Well, your scalp requires regular scrubbing, too. Our scalps accumulate buildup from hair products, sweat, environmental pollutants, and natural oils that come from our skin. Without regular exfoliation, the grease and grime can begin to cause irritation — including itchiness, flaking, inflammation. Find out more about why getting into the habit of scrubbing your scalp is good for your hair, plus the right way to scrub your scalp and the best products to use.

  • Why Are Scrubs Good for the Scalp?
  • Who Should Use a Scalp Scrub?
  • Scalp Scrubs by Davines
  • How Often Should You Scrub Your Scalp?
  • How to Scrub Your Scalp
  • Should You Use Scalp Scrubbing Tools?
  • Professional Exfoliating Treatments

Why Are Scrubs Good for the Scalp?

Scalp scrubs can give your hair the deep clean it desperately needs to stay light, fresh, and balanced. Every so often, hair and scalp need mechanical exfoliation (i.e., scrubbing with something abrasive such as a tool or product containing beads) to help physically remove dead skin cells and other layers of residue that could be blocking pores and hair follicles.Mechanical exfoliation also promotes cell turnover; by clearing away the old, you're supporting your skin's natural cycle of cellular renewal. It improves the texture of the skin and boosts circulation, which improves the skin's oxygen levels and can lead to hair growth. In short, the massaging action sends blood to the hair follicles and can prolong the anagen phase, the most active phase of your hair's growth cycle.All this to say that scalp scrubbing is essential to any good hair care routine.

Who Should Use a Scalp Scrub?

Anyone with a scalp — which, presumably, applies to you — will benefit from a scalp scrub unless they struggle with skin irritation or hypersensitivity. In the latter case, exfoliation could make matters worse. That said, exfoliation can work wonders for eczema, psoriasis, and other skin disorders, so talk to a Davines professional about a gentle treatment if you have special needs.Otherwise, you should add exfoliation to your regular hair care routine if you:
  • Use styling products that could build up on the scalp
  • Live in a humid or polluted environment
  • Are preparing your skin for a scalp treatment
  • Wish to add volume to your hair
  • Want to go longer between washes

Scalp Scrubs by Davines

We love a good scrub at Davines. Discover two of our best products for mechanical exfoliation from the bestselling Essential Haircare and Naturaltech lines.

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SOLU Sea Salt Scrub

Sea salt and natural jojoba spheres give this refreshing scrub a thick paste-like texture ideal for lifting styling residue from the scalp. Use this to deep clean hair and go longer between washes. Specially formulated to give you a fresh and clean feeling, after using this purifying sea salt scrub, you'll also notice improved hair texture, and volume.

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Detoxifying Scrub Shampoo

Jojoba spheres and silica mechanically exfoliate while delicate surfactants chemically cleanse the scalp. This liquid but thick shampoo provides gentle exfoliation and deep cleansing, plus lasting protection from external factors such as pollution and free radicals. Its purifying effect leaves hair light, clean, and voluminous.

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SOLU Sea Salt Scrub Cleanser
  • Sea salt and jojoba spheres

  • Paste-like texture

  • Build-up removal

Sale Off
  • Jojoba and silica beads

  • Thick liquid texture

  • Anti-pollution

How to Scrub Your Scalp

Scrubbing your scalp is almost like shampooing but a little more comprehensive. This method is for wet hair; wetting the skin first helps to loosen up dead skin cells and product buildup. Here's our guide to exfoliating the scalp at home, step by step.

  • Wet the hair and scalp thoroughly.
  • Apply a generous amount of scrub to your scalp, gently massaging into your roots, then down the lengths of your hair to the ends.
  • Wet your hair again as necessary while you work the product through it.
  • Rinse out the product thoroughly.
  • Follow with a hair mask like our Essential Haircare NOUNOU Mask to return any lost nutrients and moisture.
  • Rinse out the mask after 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Towel dry hair and proceed with styling.

How Often Should You Scrub Your Scalp?

Once a week or once every two weeks is an optimal frequency for scalp scrubbing. This might be a little less often than what your dermatologist tells you to exfoliate your face, and you'll absolutely want to scale it back if you experience any irritation such as redness, soreness, or flaking afterward. Everyone's scalp is different — we say keep experimenting until you find a routine that works for you.What you don't want to do is exfoliate too often, as this could remove healthy oils from the scalp and cause the skin to overcompensate by producing excess oil (read: greasy roots). However, if you're suffering from excess oil from product use, dryness, or dandruff, a restorative scalp scrub might be for you.

Should You Use Scalp Scrubbing Tools?

Another way to mechanically exfoliate your scalp is with a tool like a scalp brush, massager, or stimulator. These tools go by a number of names and are made from various materials like plastic or jade, the latter preferred for its cooling effect on skin. While research suggests these tools do actually work to boost hair growth, you don't need to use them with our exfoliating products.
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Professional Exfoliating Treatments

If you have any doubts about exfoliating your scalp at home, or if you still have buildup after scrubbing, it might be time to consult a professional. Your Davines hairdresser can help restore your scalp back to health while preserving your hair's natural beauty. Ask them about our Detox Treatment, a three-step ritual guaranteed to get rid of remaining impurities.Scrubbing your scalp can make a huge difference in hair health. Exfoliation creates a healthy environment for shiny, strong locks and growth. Start by using a gentle scalp scrub at home or book a salon consultation today.

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