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The Best Beauty Gifts for Mom on Mother’s Day


Moms deserve to be celebrated each and every day, but when Mother’s Day arrives, it’s the perfect occasion to treat mom to something special and grant  her some “me time.”

Moms are some of the hardest-working people on the planet. When Mother’s Day arrives, t’s the perfect occasion to ensure that she has plenty of time for self-care and taking part in the activities she loves.

Unfortunately, gift-giving isn’t a one-size-fits-all process and it can be difficult finding a present that’s catered specifically to the leading lady of the family. One thing that most families can agree on, though, is that moms often don’t get enough self-care. Setting aside time to pamper herself and relax is essential to her well-being and keeping her happy and healthy—both mentally and physically. Despite how important it is, moms rarely put themselves first, but the right beauty gifts during the holiday can radically change that.

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The Perfect Mother’s Day Experience

Self-care starts at home and if you’re at a loss for ideas of beauty gifts, it’s impossible to go wrong with a spa day full of haircare and skincare products that leave her feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Davines’ haircare products grant your mom some “me time.”

A spa day at home may sound divine, so what’s needed to make this Mother’s Day extra relaxing and restorative? If you share a place with your mom, you can set up a spa-like atmosphere at home or send a perfectly curated box if she lives further away. It’s not necessarily just about the beauty gifts or products, but about the overall mood and setting. Set up candles or dim the lights and fill up an essential oil diffuser with calming scents such as lavender or chamomile. Play soft music that’s reminiscent of an actual spa and make sure the space is clean and prepped for her lavish day in.

Now, for the perfect products and accessories. Every spa day needs a plush robe, slippers, and towels. A bath bomb, loofah, and body brush are must-haves for the bathroom and can be followed up with a luxurious moisturiser or body butter to lock in hydration and a silky hair towel wrap for tending to wet strands. A day like this is also ideal for using a hair mask and a manicure or pedicure set. A cup of soothing tea, a cosy blanket to wrap up in after her treatments, and even a good book are smart ideas as well. See if there are errands or tasks you can take off her plate for that day so she can fully immerse herself in the at-home spa.

Hair Care Gift Sets for Every Hair Type

There is a great haircare set or product out there for every mom. From moms with blonde or grey-coloured hair to mothers who appreciate a blowout at the salon, Davines has a fitting gift. We’re a big fan of all of them, but these are our top picks and best sellers when it comes to specific hair types, textures, and concerns.

Gift for All Hair Types: OI Set 

Getting shiny, bouncy, and lovely smelling hair all at once isn’t impossible—it’s completely doable with the OI Set. The line is infused with roucou oil, which strengthens and protects the hair with the help of antioxidants. Even better? The formulas work perfectly on any hair type, making it one of the best gift set options out there for almost every mom (and great if you’re unsure of what concerns or kind of hair she has).

Gift for Curly Hair: LOVE Curl Set

Moms with lovely heads of curls will enjoy using each product in the Curl Set. The cleanser, conditioner, and serum will soften and nourish curly locks without weighing them down or negatively affecting their shape and volume. The serum is especially helpful for tackling humidity and the frizz that comes with it.

Gift for Blonde & Gray Hair: Heart of Glass Gift Set

Perfect for moms with blonde or grey hair, this line of colour-safe products utilize the blue colour from the Jagua fruit fo its shampoo and conditioner. Heart of Glass will boost hair with moisture while cooling blonde tones.

Gift for Coloured Hair: Nourished Gift Set

Moms are busy, and ones who colour their hair will appreciate a group of products that can help them maintain the tone for longer and prevent fading. This Nourished Colour gift set is exactly what she needs as it contains a shampoo, conditioner, and serum that not only keep colour intact but maintain the texture and body of her hair, too. 

Gift Set for the Perfect Blowout: The Daily Essentials Set

Any mom who adores sitting in the salon chair or dreams of getting a daily blowout needs the Daily Essentials Set. The shampoo and conditioner are a gentle duo, but the hair primer packs a punch. It decreases the amount of time she has to spend blow drying, amps up the volume, and protects her hair from the damage caused by heated tools. It’s a win-win all around.

Gift for Anti-Frizz: Smooth Operator Set

Frizz can be an absolute annoyance but it’s manageable with the right products. A gift set that’s capable of doing so is this one that includes a cleansing and conditioning twosome fit for smoothing down coarse or frizzy hair. The moisturising fluid is another helpful addition that adds a sleek finish to hair that gets staticky or frazzled.
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Her Most Relaxing Mother’s Day Yet

Putting into words how grateful you are for your mom or the mom-like figure in your life is no easy feat. Their unconditional love, compassion, strength, and caring nature are inimitable, therefore it’s hard to find a better gift than one that gives her the chance to give a little love back to herself.

When shopping for beauty gifts from Davines, you’ll also be giving back to the planet and communities and programs we work with. It’s a divine blend of treating your mom to self-care while also helping us uphold our commitments to the environment.

On top of her at-home spa day, you can even use our Salon Locator to book mom an appointment for a few hours of respite so she can walk away with a look she loves and product recommendations that’ll make her (and her hair) feel spectacular. This, a relaxing spa day, or a combination of both will no doubt make her feel pampered.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the brilliant moms out there, from Davines.

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