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Sustainable Christmas: 7 green ideas for the Holidays


Celebrating while respecting the planet, without neglecting the style? Yes, you can! Here is a series of eco-sustainable tips for gifts, decorations, and the New Year’s dinner.

With the Christmas holidays approaching, this year again we will forget about work and will indulge in a few days of peace and quiet, finding the time for ourselves and to be with our loved ones. In these last few weeks of a very complicated 2020, getting into the Christmas spirit seems more important than ever.

This is why this year we would like to give you a few “green” tips for Christmas, to celebrate in a sustainable and yet stylish way, with the typical warm atmosphere of the happiest day of the year.

Make you Christmas tree sustainable

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Fake or real Christmas tree? It is not a silly question: the choice is between a non-biodegradable tree, which can be used for many years, and a proper tree which, should it come with roots, will need the appropriate space and habitat to grow after the Holidays.
There are however some creative alternatives: you can decorate the trees and bushes in your garden or the plants you already have at home or on the balcony. Another idea for a green and sustainable Christmas tree is to gather a nice holly or mistletoe branch and secure it on a stable base or to the door: a refined and minimalist solution.

Use green Christmas lights and decorations

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With your green Christmas decorations sorted, it’s time to think of the lights. However, instead of the traditional ones, why not go green? LED Christmas lights have the same festive effect, while consuming up to 80% less electricity. Use them only when needed, do not leave them on for hours, like during the day.

For the Christmas dinner or lunch, you can create eco-friendly centrepieces with natural wax candles: the light from their flames is warm and suffused.

Zero miles Christmas lunch 

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Christmas means conviviality. For your festive meals you can bring to the table green recipes with locally sourced ingredients, those that are seasonal and typical of your area. When it comes to fruits and vegetables, they might have been freshly picked, and therefore fresher and tastier. 

Buy locally sourced products at the farmers markets or directly from the producer. By buying zero miles products, you contribute to the economy of the small quality producers in your area.

Do not forget your hairdo for the 2020 festive season

Gifts to give, decorations to place, tables to dress: the Holidays are a busy period, but they can also be very satisfying and they surely are the best time to show off a special look. Are you looking to make an impression with an easy hairstyle for Christmas or New Year’s eve? Here are 3 simple dos, perfect for a party.
If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a new colour, our salon is waiting for you to offer highlighting services, tailored to your specific hair needs.

Buy your gifts from a local shop

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In this very peculiar year, if you can, try to shop for your gifts at a local store. Davines promotes the Show Love Shop Localcampaign: by buying your gifts from a local shop in your town you support a small business, and you give those who work there a Christmas filled with hopes for the future!

Exclusively in our salons you will find the Christmas 2020 sets, with a reusable boxmade of FSC recycled paper. Inside the box you’ll find a selection of products from the most beloved lines, all made using 100% green energy in the carbon neutral plant of the Davines Village.

Wrap green

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If, at Christmas, you give a green gift, wrapping it shouldalso be green! Try and avoid the traditional plastic bags and reduce thesingle-use gift paper.

Chose reusable boxes instead. After the festivities they canget a new life as storage for toys and stationery. They can also be an elementof design.

You could also opt for fabrics: if you wrap your gifts in alight scarf or a rag, you actually give two gifts in one.  

Not just things: give a gift to nature

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Green gifts for Christmas shouldn't necessarily be products to use: you could make a donation. You may for instance support associations protecting the environment such as 3Beewhich works to protect the biodiversity of the bees. Why not offering to adopt a treelong-distance on Treedom, helping absorb CO2 emissions? Nature will be grateful!

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