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Perfectly smooth hair, with anti-frizz products

Would you like well-behaved hair even on humid days? It can be done: all you need is the right anti-frizz treatment

Are you also one of those people for whom drizzly and rainy days are always bad, frizzy hair days? To be honest, few styles don’t suffer from frizz: aside from the hair’s natural tendency to get coarse, it can also happen when the hair is dehydrated and brittle.

Frizzy hair: why?

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Why does humidity make hair frizzy? The hair has an external layer, known as cuticle, which is exposed to mechanical and chemical stress (e.g. the use of heated tools or aggressive treatments), as well as the weather conditions, such as humidity. 

The cuticle is composed of a series of overlapping scales that can open due to the action of stressing agents, as a result of dehydration or even a genetic predisposition. This means the hair reflects less light and appears dull, frizzy and unruly. 

When the cuticle is raised, the hair is more likely to absorb additional humidity, making the hair fibre less toned and elastic and therefore more prone to breakage.

Frizz is also a matter of genetics

The hair’s appearance is very closely related to genetics; the right routine, therefore, although it can’t drastically change the hair’s structure, can improve and control it, making it look healthy and well cared-for. Of course this also applies to frizzy hair, which, if treated with the right products, can undergo a surprising transformation.

Super-smooth hair in 30 seconds with Love/ smoothing instant mask

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The new LOVE Smoothing Instant Mask is a super-quick formula that helps tame frizzy hair, making straightening easy for a perfectly controlled result.

It’s both effective and exceptionally fast-acting: apply it to washed and towel-dried hair, let it do its thing for just 30 seconds, comb and rinse thoroughly. Then style as usual. 

LOVE Instant Mask can be used instead of conditioner when you need instant anti-frizz action that also guarantees extreme softness.

  • Acts in 30 seconds
  • Anti-frizz effect
  • 87% biodegradable ingredients, in accordance with the OECD method
  • 87% natural derived ingredients

Hairdryer and straightener? Don’t forget heat protection

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If your usual styling involves heated tools, we recommend that you also hydrate and protect your hair with LOVE Smoothing Perfector

It’s a leave-in product that tames frizzy and unruly hair. Its light texture protects from heat and makes straightening easier, without leaving residues. 

  • Anti-frizz effect
  • Protects from heat up to 230°
  • Makes straightening easier
  • 93% biodegradable ingredients, in accordance with the OECD method
  • 93% natural derived ingredients

Minuta Olive Extract to straighten the hair


As well as the products that have been conceived to make straightening easier, the secret to perfectly straight hair is keeping hair hydrated, compact and protected from external aggressors. 

The LOVE Smoothing products has been created especially for frizzy and unruly hair and contains Sicilian Minuta Olive extract from a Slow Food Presidio

Our Minuta Olive-derived active ingredient now performs even better, thanks to the exclusive enzymatic extraction process which, by using water instead of traditional solvents, enhances the product’s elasticising and nourishing properties, thus helping it increase hair’s resistance to breaking.

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Minuta Olive

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Carmelo Messina

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Ficarra - Sicily

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