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Join us in protecting the beauty of water

We believe that together we can make a difference to protect our oceans from plastic pollution. That’s why we’ve created a special gift to thank you for making sustainable choices.

Making a difference for our oceans

Over 70% of our planet is covered in oceans, providing us with food, helping to regulate our climate and producing most of the oxygen we breathe. Sadly, these vital ecosystems are under threat from plastic pollution.

  • 80% of ocean pollution is plastic waste 1
  • 6 -11 million tonnes of plastic end up in rivers, lakes, seas and oceans each year 2
  • 690 marine wildlife species are impacted by plastic pollution 3

[1] UNESCO - Ocean literacy
[2] UNESCO - Ocean literacy and OECD, Global Plastics Outlook
[3] OECD, Global Plastics Outlook 

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How Davines is tackling ocean plastics

Our in house research and development department works constantly to minimize the impact of Davines product packaging. Our packaging is designed to be circular: we favour recycled and recyclable materials. In addition, we strive to constantly balance the impact we can't avoid: since 2021 we have partnered with Plastic Bank and since 2022 for every plastic packaged product we sell, we remove the same amount of plastic from coastal areas of the Philippines, Indonesia and Brasil, making our products Plastic Net-Zero.

Working together to protect our waters

Get involved in your local Davines campaign to reduce the impact of ocean plastic. Join us and become an Ocean Keeper.

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