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Meeting our B Corp friends


We introduce you to four companies that - like Davines - use their business to have a positive impact on the planet and on the people.

For Davines, doing business is not just a matter of profit: our goal is to take care of the well-being of people and the planet

Following this philosophy, since 2016 we have become a B Corp, that is a company certified for its positive impact. Many companies are walking with us on this journey: today we will introduce you to four friends of ours!

Save The Duck

Our Essential Haircare NOUNOU and LOVE Curl shampoos are cuddled by the hug of a Save The Duck garment, the first Italian B Corp company in the fashion industry, since 2019.

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Being a B Corp means taking care of the people and the planet.

One of the cardinal principles of the B Corp movement is interdependence. It means being aware that our actions have an impact on others and on the planet: we are all connected!

Tony's Chocolonely

MELU shampoo plays with a chocolate bar by Tony's Chocolonely, a B Corp company since 2013 with the aim of making the chocolate supply chain 100% free from slavery all over the world. 

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I can't do without you, you can't do without me!

When you buy from a B Corp company, you are not just choosing a product. You are casting your "vote"to support the ideals you believe in, to have a more sustainable future.
Here is our DEDE shampoo in the good company of a Dopper bottle, a B Corp company since 2014 that with its products encourages people to eliminate the use of disposable plastic.
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Vote every day! With your purchases you can have a positive impact.
Davines, a B Corp since 2016, is trying to make a change, together with many other companies around the world. But we need your help, as well: choose what you buy with awareness and support a more responsible future


Our LOVE shampoo sails on a slipper by TOM's, a B Corp company since 2018 that has donated nearly 1 million pairs of shoes to charity.

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Let's sail together towards a more sustainable future.

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