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Mahogany red hair: who suits this colour?

Have you always dreamt of dyeing your hair red but have never been brave enough or don’t know which shade to use? Have no fear, you’re not alone! Red may seem difficult to match, but we have a colour suggestion that is easy to wear and customise.

If you are thinking about changing hair colour and trying mahogany red - or if you already have red hair but want to renew it - we suggest an innovative look created by Tom Connell,Hair Art Director at Davines. The colour combination worn by Cora unites two shades of red: a quite intense mahogany, with darker shades around the face and lighter ends. Together let’s see who suits this look, perfect for autumn 2021.

Mahogany red for hair: who does it suit?

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Have no fear of dyeing your hair red! In Capsule N.1 - the autumn/winter 2021 look collection for hair - we decided to propose a mahogany red colour where intense shadows frame the face, softly blending with lighter tones. Let’s see who suits this refined and timeless look.

  • INITIAL HAIR COLOUR - Recommended for people with naturally dark hair
  • COMPLEXION - Dark and olive skin tones go magnificently with shades of red. For lighter skin tones, it will be necessary to adapt the colour
  • EYE COLOUR - We recommend mahogany red for people with dark or green eyes
  • FACE SHAPE - This cut plays with various lengths, the hairdresser can customise it to each face shape, emphasizing the eyes, cheekbones or jaw line
  • HAIR TYPE - Curls of any thickness are perfect for this look
  • STYLING PREFERENCE - Cut and colour are suitable for people who love letting their hair dry naturally

How to choose from the shades of red for hair?

Choosing the right shade is fundamental for achieving a result that enhances your features. To make the right choice, avoid dyeing your hair red alone at home and go to a Davines professional: our hairdressers are always glad to provide a colour consultation, they can tell you if you are more suited to a warm or cool shade of red, either more mahogany or more copper

Thanks to the countless shades of Mask with Vibrachrom by Davines, your hairdresser will have full liberty in choosing a colour! But if you are trying red for the first time, we nevertheless recommend choosing a natural, light and luminous shade

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Dark mahogany red by Mask with Vibrachrom 3,65 creates the perfect shade to enhance your complexion. This is a permanent red dye, suitable for covering greys.

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By blending a second, more luminous shade to the mahogany - such as 4,65 - you can give the colour more depth and customise it. The colour cocktail will be perfect.

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By mixing shade 6,06 with mahogany, you will maintain a perfect balance between gentle and bold. You can familiarise with the colour red without being too daring.

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Of you are looking for a colour that is not too much of a commitment, try View: it fades with washing and covers up to 50% of greys. Also ideal for people who have never tried dyeing their hair before!

Colour techniques to achieve red hair with professional standard

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To get Cora’s look, our Hair Art Director Tom Connell decided to mix two of the most innovative colouring techniques: Shadowing and Sculptoning.

Shadowing  adds strokes of darker colour. Thanks to this technique, your hairdresser can emphasise the perimeter of the cut, highlighting the hair’s natural movement.

Sculptoning on the other hand deeply innovates how bleaching is performed, by applying it only to specific areas of the hair so as to mix lighter shades with darker ones. The artistic effect provided by free hand strokes is that of an actual sculpture, with areas of shadow and light.

Cut and styling to bring out the beauty of red hair

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Cora has a very versatile cut: a long bob, down to her collar bone, with a shorter curtain fringe to frame her face, emphasising the eyes, cheekbones and jaw line.

If you want to be inspired by her look, try this cut and colour with soft waves or curls that bring out the different shades of red.

For the styling we recommend This is a Curl Building Serum on lengths and ends, to define the curls. To add body and texture, also apply This is a Sea Salt Spray: it’s a done deal.

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