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How to care for your beard, keep it healthy and avoid irritations


For men, the beard is a unique tool to express their personality. Some keep a long beard, more hipster and fashionable, while others prefer it short - sharp and tidy. Many chose to shave it off completely. Nevertheless, the most important thing for any type of beard is using the right products: let’s have a look at them.

Taking care of your beard means taking care of yourself, finding a moment to escape the frenzied day to day routine. This is why it is crucial to follow a beard regime which respects the skin’s needs, helping the beard stay healthy and to avoid irritations while shaving. Here is our guide to taking care of your beard, step by steps.

#1 – Prepare the skin for shaving

• Gently tap your face with a damp warm towel to open up the pores and soften the skin. Warning: even the softest fabric can cause irritations, so avoid unnecessary rubbing

• Apply a small amount of pre-shave Pasta & Love oil to the face and carefully massage it over all the areas you need to shave.

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#2 – Shave gently, with elliptical movements

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  1. Spray a small amount of Pasta & Love shaving gel in a small shaving bowl and mix with the brush.
  2. Spread the gel on all the parts of your face you need to shave.If you’re not using the brush, you can massage the gel directly on your face.  
  3. Use the razor (the traditional one or the blade) with elliptical movements.
  4. While shaving, wash the blade with warm water as neededin order to get rid of the hairs. 

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#3 – Moisturise the skin after shaving

• After shaving, rinse with cold water and tap the skin with the towel to gently remove any remaining gel.

• Apply the After-shave Pasta & Love moisturiser with a delicate massage, to help it penetrate the skin.

• If you do not shave completely but rather keep your beard long or short, apply again the Pasta & Love oil for more sharpness.

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Biological Alkenengi extract

 All of the Pasta & Love products contain the certified biological extract of Alkenengi. We have chosen this plant, originally from Brazil, to protect your skin and the environment! 

  • SOOTHES THE SKIN – with its soothing and anti-redness features, the alkenengi fruit is particularly suitable to make the skin feel more comfortable after shaving.
  • IT’S EXTRACTED IN A SUSTAINABLE WAY - Extraction is done through the green technology method, allowing for an even purer concentrate with a reduced impact on the environment compared to traditional methods.

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