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From Black Friday to Green Friday: ready for the change?

Start changing your consumption choices today, and start shopping consciously. On GreenFriday, 100% of Davines online sales will be donated to support biodiversity. 

In a world that is spinning ever faster, it is difficult to find a fixed point where you can think out of the box. It would take really little, questioning and listening to our needs, trying not to be overwhelmed by the flow.

Once again this year Davines has decided to take a step towards change, because each of us – as an individual or as a company – plays a role within this society, and it is important to undertake the responsibilities that this role entails. On GreenFriday, 100% of Davines online sales will be donated to support biodiversity

What is Green Friday, where it’s from

Black Friday is a US tradition – linked to Thanksgiving – that has spread worldwide in recent years. According to the custom passed down by the American pioneers, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November: there is no fixed date, it changes pretty much like Easter. But whatever the date, starting from the following Friday, the so-called Black Friday, the Christmas shopping season officially begins.

Black Friday features incredible deals that sometimes drag throughout the weekend until the fearsome Cyber Monday, a day devoted to promotions on tech items. This drive to impulse consumption is extremely harmful: it makes us buy things that we do not need and that run the risk of being thrown away because they are not used.

In recent years, however, something has changed, thanks to the arrival of Green Friday, a movement that started in France in 2017 to propose a sustainable alternative to its more popular sibling, Black Friday. This conscious consumption choice has become more even more important as our knowledge of climate change – and the impact of mankind in this process – has expanded and deepened.

How does Davines contribute to Green Friday? 

Black Bee Presidium

Davines has always had an attitude of careful use of promotional leverage: the value of our product is generated by the choice of high quality ingredients, respect for the work of our employees and the constant search for improvement. That is why we have decided not to join Black Friday but to join Green Friday instead, and to take a step towards the future in the way that best speaks about us.

For the entire day of November 26, we will donate 100% of online profits to environmental associations and each of our market chose a local cause to support.

  • Italy will donate its profits to Slow Food Italia for the protection of biodiversity. In particular, we will support the black bee Praesidium of the Ponente Ligure, founded in 2020 thanks to the contribution of our clients and salons.
  • North-America will donate to CSA (community supported agriculture) farms, sustainable systems that connect farmers and eaters within the food system by allowing consumers to buy a share of the farm’s harvests.
  • United Kingdom will support National Forest in its safeguarding and reforestation activities throughout the country.

Choose Carbon Neutral shipping during Green Friday (and not only) 

Carbon Neutral Shipping Davines

During Green Friday, we thought it would be useful to remind you that Davines e-stores will offset all the emissions derived from shipping your orders. In fact, one of the most significant consequences of Black Friday is the increase in deliveries worldwide: by offsetting your order, we contribute to the important objective of mitigating that impact.

Perhaps you will be wondering what’s in it for you, when you buy from the Davines website on Green Friday. Something tangible for the future of the planet, jointly with the awareness of having made your contribution to making this day special, under the banner of conscious consumption.

Revolution begins in the shower 

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Once a Davines product enters your bathroom, you can still do a lot to continue reducing emissions. For example, change your habits to make them more virtuous: 

1. Select a cooler water temperature: hot, but not boiling.

2. Turn the water off while you rub the shampoo, conditioner or treatment in.

3. Turn the running water on only to rinse, then shut it off immediately. We know that shampooing your hair is a relaxing time for you; but if it takes too long, it can cause stress to the Planet 😊.

4. Use the hairdryer at the lowest temperature possible. Or just air dry your hair.

5. Remember to unplug the hairdryer, straightener or iron immediately after use. A plugged-in device still uses energy, even when it is off.

Sustainability beyond Green Friday 

There are many ways in which each one of us can make a difference: it’s always scary when you look at it as many small drops, but a change of perspective lets you see that we are actually an entire ocean. We are pleased to share a few tips with you, and hope you would like to contribute too and share your own tips via the social media #davinesofficial.

  1. Opt for a green energy supplier: this is the most important choice you can make to reduce your emissions
  2. Have your systems checked to ensure they are efficient and there are no water or energy leaks
  3. Sort your waste by separating the various materials to ensure proper disposal and recovery
  4. Choose to devote your free time to an environmental or social association. There are a great many initiatives to clean up parks or beaches, reforestation activities, local or global groups that need your ideas and your hands
  5. Conscious consumption also extends beyond Green Friday, remember to prefer sustainable products every day, made by companies that care for the planet and for people. If you need some ideas, we recommend looking at the List of B Corps, certified companies that meet the highest environmental and social sustainability standard.

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