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For Mom: organise a “Spa-day” at home


The most important gift is the time we spend together: for Mother’s Day, organise a perfect spa day for her, directly at home

Instead of the same gift ideas for Mother’s Day, today we propose a different activity, that can even be organised between mum friends: a do-it-yourself at home Spa-day!

How to organise a Spa day gift?

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First of all, create a relaxing atmosphere finding inspiration from actual beauty centres: 
  • Tidy up your houseand close everything that reminds you of daily life and work into another room: mobile phone, organiser, computer, etc.
  • Use an ambient diffuser to give fragrance to rooms using relaxing essential oils, for example, a mixture of sweet orange and lavender. Otherwise light up an incense, calling into mind meditation and mindfulness.
  • Close the shutters and light the room with candles, in order to obtain dim lighting.
  • Keep a playlist of soft musicplaying in the background: they can be sounds of nature or instrumental music. Everything that the woman you love likes the most.

Scrub, rejuvenate skin and hair

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The Spa-day can start with a bath or a hot aromatic shower: it is sufficient to pour a few drops of essential oil into the water or on the sponge. 

Take advantage of this to calmly do all of those treatments that you usually do not have time for, such as a scrub, in order to remove dead cells and give brightness back to your skin

Did you know that it is possible todo a scrub for scalp and hair? It helps rejuvenate the scalp and makes it easier to absorbad hoc lotions and treatments. In order to eliminate daily stress, try Detoxifying Scrub Shampoo: it cleanses in depth but delicately, protecting from the aggression of free radicals. 

Otherwise, in order to create a sensory moment, try SOLU Sea Salt Scrub Cleanserwith sea salt from the Trapani Slow Food Presidia. The fragrance is extraordinary: you will feel like you have spent a day at the sea! 

Relaxing detox mask

Once you have finished your bath or shower, take advantage of this day of relax to apply a hair mask: the classic pampering that we do not have time to give ourselves as part of our daily routine. We recommend our The Circle Chronicles line of masks: seven products for seven different results, all of them of professional quality

We believe the hair mask that is most suitable for a Spa day is The Let It Go Circle, having an embracing and relaxing fragrance: it gives softness, hydration and comfort to hair and scalp in need of a break. You can use The Let It Go Circleon its own or using the multi-masking technique (as in using two masks, in different areas of your hair): apply it along the lengths and tips, while The Purity Circle, a revitalising, detox and anti-oxidant mask for stressed scalp and hair, is used on the scalp.

Moment Box, a kit containing all of The Circle Chronicles masks, is great as a gift idea for Mother’s Day. Every mask comes in a 50 ml package and is used for a few applications: this way, for her celebration, you will give her a nice stock of health and beauty for her hair.

A tea for two!

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Once the Spa day treatments have ended, set aside some time for shared relax: choose whether you should listen to music, read a book, browse a magazine, spend time together watching one of your favourite films or a few episodes of your favourite TV show…

Accompany all of this with a herbal tea or a glass of wine and something delicious: some chocolates, a slice of cake or some savoury snacks. Just like a true SPA, but within the comfort of your home!

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An extra gift for your mom

If you would like to extend the pleasure of this day dedicated to taking care of yourself, you can give your mum an actual beauty treatmentin a Davines salon: haircut, colour and especially professionality! Otherwise, give her one of our gift boxes, dedicated to different kinds of hair, in order to obtain a professional result even from home. 


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For every hair type


Give the gift of a moment of peace, in order to disconnect from the hustle, habits and dedicate himself to the beauty and health of his hair. Whatever your style, our hairdressers will know how to value it the most.


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Treated, bleached and coloured


Extend the shine of the cosmetic colour


MINU Shampoo

NOUNOU Conditioner

More Inside This is a Blow Dry Primer


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Thin hair, of any length


Give long-lasting body and volume, with a brilliant finish!


VOLU Shampoo

DEDE Hair Mist

More Inside This is a Shimmering Mist

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