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Short fine hair? Try a "pretend" thinned haircut


A way to boost the volume of fine hair is using cutting techniques that give support to the roots leaving the ends softer. Ask for advice from your Davines hairdresser!

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Those with fine hair often worry about having a thinned haircut because they are afraid of further reducing volume. In principle, this is right, but on short hair you can use techniques that give support and lightness with an effect that is similar to a thinned haircut.  

These techniques performed both with razors and with scissors are suitable also for fine hair because they enhance the natural texture giving body to roots and leaving the ends softer.

The result is a contemporary and easy-to-manage cut, even at home.

Celebrities wearing this style: Kristen Stewart

This short thinned cut has been created by our Hair Art Director, Tom Connell in the 2020 The Eternals Collection. If you like it, have a look at other cuts too!

Home care for thin hair

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