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Sustainability takeaways 2019/20


Founded in 1983, the Davines Group began as a small research lab and has since then grown into an international company - with a presence in over 90 countries - certified by B Corp. But through it all, we've remained a family-owned business, and have been dedicated to creating beautiful products that keep environmental impact and sustainability in mind since 2006. Every year, we release a  Sustainability Report  to illustrate our goals and achievements over the past year. Here's a look at our progress from 2019-2020.


What is a B Corp?

In 2016, Davines became a certified B Corporation for the first time. In 2019 we recertified ourselves improving our score from 99 to 117.4. 
To achieve the B Corp certification, a company must meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. As a B Corp, Davines pursues not only profit but also purpose, building a more inclusive and sustainable economy. 

What is a Benefit Corporation

In 2019, we became a Benefit Corporation as well. When a company acquires the legal status of Benefit Corporation, it reinforces in its by-laws the long-term commitment to operate not only for profit, but also for the benefit of the planet and the community.

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To be the best for the world, creators of good life for all, through beauty, ethics and sustainability.

— Davines Purpose


Davines Group is dedicated to the professional haircare market with the Davines brand, and the skincare market with the brands [ comfort zone ] and /skinregimen/We specialise in the creation of handcrafted high-quality products, which are scientifically developed using advanced cosmetic technology.

Packaging materials

Recycled packaging 


of our packaging is recycled

Paper and carboards


of paper and cardboard packaging is recycled material



of plastic packaging is recycled or bio-based

Ingredients in our formulas



of our ingredients are of natural origin



of our ingredients are highly biodegradable

Scientific garden

The Davines Village garden is used as an open-air laboratory for new ingredients 

All percentages in this section refer to the total quantity of raw materials purchased annually.



We are a 

carbon neutral company



We monitor, reduce and offset all emissions from the Group activities that are directly under our control: meaning offices, production and energy sourcing (technically called scope 1 and scope 2).

Key elements of our commitmment towards carbon neutrality are reforestation and regeneration activities, worldwide. Have a look to our projects. 

We offset 100% of the CO2 emissions from:

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Offices worldwide

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All our packaging 

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Production plant

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Commuting to Davines Village

We also started to offset part of:

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Corporate events

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Business flights

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Product Life Cycle, excluding use phase


We celebrate diversity 


nationalities are represented within our company population worldwide

We reward sustainability


of Parma offices executives and top level managers at the branch offices have sustainability objectives

We volunteer globally


paid working hours for volunteering:  reforestation activities, beach clean-ups, cultural opening days and more!


We believe in interdependency

We work to build a network of purpose-oriented partners

B Corp advocacy


of our partners obtained the B Corp certification since 2016

We support local activism


local associations we're supporting worldwide


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We joined other B Corps in the Net Zero 2030 commitment to achieve completely net zero emissions by 2030, including CO2eq emissions that are not directly under our control, but that are still related to our activities (scope 3 ). 

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In order to foster the creation of a new sustainable society, Davines is one of the founding members of Regeneration 2030. The goal of this alliance is to have a positive impact on three strategic areas: economy, environment and society.