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Diversion Statement


What is diversion? Diversion is when a product is being sold in a distribution channel that is unauthorized by the manufacturer.

Over the last few years, awareness of the Davines brand has grown significantly, making it more and more attractive for retail stores and online sellers, and therefore diverters.

Davines’ mission is based on the appreciation and respect of the craft of our partners, the hairdressers. Moreover, end clients purchasing our products from non-authorized sources are not guaranteed safe, suitable product recommendations nor do they benefit from the value added salon experience. So, to protect the integrity of our brand and the revenue of our salons, we understand how important it is to keep Davines free of diversion.

Therefore, in the last few years we have been taking major steps to protect our worldwide distribution. In fact, we have developed a state-of-the-art tracking system for our products that enables us to identify the origin of diverted products and, consequently, take all necessary action to terminate the source, in co-operation with our distributors. In specific cases, we have re-purchased diverted products as a means of protecting the brand.

In summary, Davines is doing everything in its power to actively fight against diversion.

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